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There are a couple different ways in which Admin & Manager users may do keyword, name and other types of basic global searches for an applicant within the HireCentric portal:

  • The search box found on the Applicants & Jobs Dashboards;
  • Various reports available in the Standard Reports tab within the Reports Dashboard (Admin users only)

Using the Search Box
On the top right corner of both the Applicant and Jobs Dashboards for Admin & Manager users, there is a search box that can be quickly accessed to run a search of your entire database. That means it will look across all applicants for all jobs within that specific portal. NOTE: For Manager-level users, it will only look across all applicants for all jobs that fall into business units to which those Managers have access. Here's the view from the Jobs Dashboard:
In the above image, you will note that you may run a keyword search across the entire database. Keywords may be as short as three characters (this same minimum character limit applies when doing searches within the Standard Reports tab, as well). You may also select items such as First Name, Last Name, Email and Phone Number from the search drop-down box. Keep in mind that when searching by the latter fields, you aren't only searching the one field, but rather just putting more emphasis on it. More specifically:
  • If either 'Keywords", "Phone Number", or "Email" are selected in the drop-down, the system will search the "Keywords Search Report" standard report.
  • If "First Name" or "Last Name" are selected, the system will use the "Search by Name" standard report.

For example, once you select the "Go" button to run a keyword search, a new tab featuring the Keywords Search Report (from your Standard Reports tab) will open in your browser. In the example below, "Spanish" was the keyword used in order to see applicants who have included that word somewhere in their applicant record.
Here are a few quick searching techniques:
Note: You may use an asterisk as a wildcard for any contact data (name, email, phone, etc). Ex: Sm* will search for Smith, Smoot, etc. *ith and *mi* will also work to find "Smith".

The search box view from the Applicants Dashboard also features the ability to filter the Applicants Dashboard by job listing so that only applicants for a specific job listing appear. However, please note that if filtering by a job on that page and then selecting a keyword by which to search, when the Keyword Search Report opens in a new tab, it will only filter by the keywords...not by the job selected on the previous page. The two boxes on the previous page are unrelated.
Searching for Applicants Within Standard Reports (Admin Users Only)
To find an applicant within HireCentric when you are not certain to which job they have applied, you will want to utilize the Search by Name found in the Reports Dashboard on the Standard Reports Tab.

This report will allow you to find an applicant within your portal if you are not familiar with the job to which they applied. If you have multiple portals, the report will only search the portal you are currently in. This report is only visible to Admin level Users.
Adding the ‘Search By Name’ Report to the Favorites Bar (Admin Users)
To make your searching more efficient, you may add the Search By Name report to your Favorites Bar. Here are the steps to do so.

  1. Maneuver to the Search By Name report by clicking on the Reports Dashboard > Standard Reports Tab > View next to the report name.

  2. Click Add This Report To My Favorites  at the top of the report screen.

  3. Once you close the window and return to your original screen, you will want to refresh your browser.
  4. Upon the refresh, you will see the report – retitled Search Applicants - listed in your Favorites Bar.

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