Using Ratings in HireCentric

Article Appropriate for These User Types: ADMINISTRATOR
Applicable HireCentric Dashboard: SETTINGS

Depending on the number of applicants you are considering for a specific position, you may have comments/notes about numerous applicants from different selection process stakeholders to track and manage. Using ratings within HireCentric can help make that process more manageable as each stakeholder may log in to HireCentric to report individual scores/selections.

Ratings allow different users who may be involved in the screening and interviewing process to vote on or score an applicant. You have the ability to add as many different rating options as you would like for your organization within the "Classifications" tab in your Settings dashboard, and you may decide the label names as well as corresponding scores and order of label display.
You may even elect to have the name of this "Ratings" section changed to a different title if preferred. If you would like the Ratings feature enabled in your ATS portal, please contact us at and let us know your preferred ratings title, as this change must be done on our end.

The Ratings can be very handy in the event that the stakeholders involved in the selection process for an applicant cannot find the time to meet together to discuss thoughts post-interview. Instead, each user may log into HireCentric as his/her schedule permits to record his/her rating on the Notes & History tab of the applicant record. If necessary, admin application notes may be added by each user as further commentary to support selected ratings. Then, an HR staff member or the hiring manager may view all the ratings to make a final decision on the next appropriate application status/disposition to be assigned to the individual.
If the Ratings feature is currently enabled in your site, then you will also automatically have a "Ratings Report" available within the "Standard Reports" tab in your Reports dashboard. Use this report as a quick way to review the most recent rating that has been assigned to each applicant for a given position.

Using Admin Notes in HireCentric

If you still have any questions on ratings, or would like to have the feature implemented in your portal, please contact us at

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