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If you find yourself doing a fair amount of email correspondence to applicants from within HireCentric, then you should be taking advantage of the ability to add and edit email templates. To access your existing templates or to add new ones, navigate to the "Email Templates" tab within the Settings Dashboard.
If you wish to examine and/or edit the text associated with an existing template, simply click the magnifying glass icon next to that template name. Or, to archive a template that you no longer wish to use, click the red down arrow. You may unarchive templates at any time by accessing the "show inactive" link at the bottom of the page and then clicking the green up arrow next to an archived template.

To add a new template, click the green plus box icon on the middle left side of the page. As you can see in the image below, email templates allow you to utilize personalization strings in your correspondence with applicants. There is a list of "strings" provided and to use any of them in your message, simply copy and paste them (including the hash tags) into the text body to indicate your preferred placement (i.e. Dear #first_name#,).

Complete the fields provided:

Copy From Default - If you have an existing email template that includes text very similar to the new template you are creating, then select the existing template to use as a base from which to create your new template.

Template Name - Your template name will not be visible to applicants, but it will be visible to other users on the applicant record in the email history section.

Sender Email - This will default to; however, you may change it as necessary depending on the purpose of the template. Here are some tips:

  • If you prefer that your personal email address is displayed as the sending address, then you should put it in the "sender email" field. Please note that there is an automatic footer displayed at the bottom of messages sent using this template. The footer will read: "Do Not Reply to this email, if you need to reply please send an email to: [insert your email address here]." NOTE: It is best to use this approach only when you are sending an individual a message. The challenge with using your personal address to send group messages is that your correspondence is more likely to be recognized as spam by other email programs since you are sending to multiple people at once. Plus, there may be times that you do not want groups of applicants to be able to reply to your message.
  • In contrast, if the template will be most often used to email large groups of applicants, then we suggest deleting the default no-reply address from the "sender email" field - leaving it blank - and saving the template. This will automatically send all messages using this template from However, the purpose of leaving the "sender email" field blank before saving the template is to make sure that the footer that is automatically added to every outgoing message reads as follows: "Please do not reply to this email, as it is from a No-Reply Address." If you were to leave the default no-reply email address in that field, then the automatic footer would read as follows (and this wouldn't make sense):  "Do Not Reply to this email, if you need to reply please send an email to:"

Email Subject - Enter your desired email subject. If you are using the no-reply sending address per the above note, make sure to include the name of your organization in the subject line so that applicants will recognize the message as coming from your company.

Email Body - Enter your message text here. This section is plain-text only, so if you wish to reference any website links in your message, make sure to type out the entire URL address for various websites.
Click the "Add New" button when you are finished completing the fields. Your new template will appear in the updated list of existing email templates.

To utilize one of your email templates in conjunction with a single applicant, click on an applicant's email address from his/her applicant record. A window will appear prompting you to choose your desired template from the list of existing, unarchived templates. Once selected, your template will populate the screen, but still allow you to make some changes before sending the message to your applicant.
You may also use templates in conjunction with a group of applicants. From the View All Applicants screen, simply select a targeted group of applicants and then select your desired template from the "Email Template" drop-down box at the bottom right side of the applicant list You'll then be prompted to make optional edits to the body text before launching the message to your group of selected applicants.
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