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There are three different types of "Classifications" in HireCentric. They include:

To access your existing labels for each classification type, or to add a new label, navigate to the Classifications tab within the Settings Dashboard.
Job Board Classifications
These classifications are used to better identify the industry with which a job listing is associated for external job board posting purposes. It is likely that your ATS portal was implemented with a number of the job board classification labels already in place. However, should you need to edit, archive or add a new one, you may do so using the magnifying glass, arrow and green plus box icons, as necessary.

Job board classifications are assigned to job listings on the add or edit job listing windows.
Employment Type
You also have the ability to modify or add employment type classifications to your own ATS portal. To add a new employment type label, click on the green plus box icon and then complete the fields as you prefer -- choosing "Employment Type" in the "Type" field. The order field will determine the order in which your labels will appear in drop-down boxes throughout the site. However, if you designate the same number for every label, they will appear in alphabetical order.
Employment type classifications are also assigned to job listings on the add or edit job listing windows.
Job Categories
An additional classification type can be used within HireCentric to group job listings into different job categories. This is an option that must be turned on for your site by the ExactHire Client Services team. Once enabled, you have the option of choosing the name for your desired category, as well as your category's individual labels. This classification type is not only visible to a HireCentric user, but you also have the option of making this information available to applicants on your external Jobs page. This information may be used in reports, but cannot be used as a means to sort job listings or to restrict user access. For more information about using job categories, see our Optional Job Categories tip sheet.

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