Email Applicants About Incomplete Applications

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The HireCentric ATS has an optional feature that allows your organization to automatically send email messages to applicants who started an application for a position, but did not complete the application. If you'd like to take advantage of this resource, our Client Services team can adjust your site's settings to send an alert email to the applicant a specific number of days after they first begin their application - and you get to specify the number of days. Since this is a global feature, once enabled, it applies to ALL job postings within your portal.

In fact, we can schedule up to two alert emails...maybe you'd like to automatically email applicants a couple of days after they begin the application, and then again one week afterwards as a final notice, for example.

The automated email is sent using one of the email templates that can be set up in your site using the "Email Templates" tab within the "Settings" dashboard.

If you'd like to enable this feature in your portal, please contact

Incomplete Applications Report
Using Email Templates in HireCentric ATS


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