Onboarding Central Basics

Onboarding Overview

Using hosted technology, our employee onboarding software solution focuses on a very simple, yet powerful premise: enter once; populate many.  We accomplish this by using a wizard-style employee data form to collect the information necessary for your organization’s unique forms. The answers are then automatically overlaid onto the appropriate forms. The result? All employee documentation is completed perfectly, easily accessible online or fed into your existing payroll/HR system.

Some of the key reasons organizations use ExactHire to automate their employee onboarding process:
  • Poor handwriting is no longer an issue
  • Forms are completed accurately and contain no missing information
  • No more tracking and “chasing down” missing forms
  • All completed forms are now stored electronically
  • Significant time savings for the organization and a simpler process for new employees


Each Division must be assigned an HR staff member to monitor and administer the division. An HR staff member may also be an Admin. Each division may also have default forms assigned to it. Most frequently, divisions are based on location and/or employment type.

Within each division, is a division home page which looks like the below image.
Form Permissions
Within the Form Permissions area you have the ability to set default forms to be assigned within that division. This helps with efficiency when creating new employees.

This function will allow you to search for an employee based on their first name or last name; or, partial pieces of their name. You can elect to search in all divisions or only specific divisions.

Division Statistics
This function will provide you with a snapshot view of this particular division’s statistics.

The majority of your time will not be spent in these three areas, but rather the top three sections of a division’s home page (i.e. envelope and tuxedo man icons). Let’s look deeper into that area.
https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/8fUnqSE_edunRoTR-jWI9uRA649n_0VA7fvkL00YRiedIoZZS3dhjxzwm8EuY2ufZyTkKDqyZXJl1Lry0-3_O9Rqeds0RjcivOXY9W_YnbJoGbOqh9sManage Staff

Manage Staff is typically where you will spend the majority of your time in Onboarding Central.
Current Employees gives you a list of current employees assigned to this particular division, their at-a-glance progress status and an opportunity to link to the employee’s dashboard.
New Employee allows you to create a new employee within this division.
Add Group of Employees allows you to add multiple employees by uploading a CSV formatted file containing the information.
HR Staff allows you to edit, deactivate and view the number of assigned forms for which the HR Staff members in this division have responsibility.
New HR Staff allows you to quickly create an HR Staff user for the division.  
How to add a new employee

Within your division, on the Manage Staff menu, click New Employee. You will be asked for the below information. Enter in the employee’s personal information in the first set of boxes. Make sure the division is correct (this is also where you can move an employee into a different division once he/she has been created in the system). Create a username for the employee. It is recommended that you leave the password to the prepopulated password as it communicates to the auto-generated email. All of the forms you had prepopulated for that division will be pre-selected; however you may check or uncheck others at this time. Then click “Onboard!” and an email will be sent to the employee.

How to manage current employees

Within your division, on the Manage Staff menu, click Current Employees. This area will present you with a list of all current employees and their current onboarding status.
This area is color coded for easy reading. Those with:
  • the lowest percentage or progress complete will be various shades of red
  • low to mid-range completion progress will be shades of purple
  • mid- to high-range will be shades blue
  • fully complete is green
  • an employee who has yet to access their account will be highlighted in yellow

You may click on the employee’s name and be taken to the employee’s dashboard where you may view his/her forms and other information.
  • You may edit the employee’s account, which is similar to the page you saw when creating the employee’s account.
  • You may deactivate the employee’s account. This will remove an employee’s access to Onboarding Central and remove him/her from your list.
  • You may also access the employee’s account on the employee’s behalf. You will be notified that you are acting as the employee when you enter into this mode.
  • You may choose to upload a file associated with the employee's account, as well.

For accounts not yet activated, you will have an option to delete the account.

Accessing the Employee’s Dashboard

Frequently, when managing employees, you will want to access the employee’s dashboard to review the employee’s forms to determine if you should approve or deny the form. To get to the employee’s dashboard, from the current employee’s area on the manage staff menu, you will click on the employee’s name. The below image is what you will see when landing on an employee’s dashboard.
From the employee’s dashboard you may do the same things as you may do from the current employees list – edit employee’s account, deactivate employee’s account, and access the employee’s account. In addition to those actions, you may upload files related to the employee such as a copy of his/her driver’s license to support the I-9 form. These uploaded files will appear on the right side of the page under the Uploaded Files area.
The dashboard will also give you a progress report accompanied by a pie chart. The progress report will illustrate the employee’s percentage of completion within the onboarding process.
On the left hand side, you will see what forms have been sent to the employee to complete. If the employee has completed a form, you will see their latest submission details. You will also have an opportunity to manage the form.
Managing an Employee’s Forms

On the employee’s dashboard, you will be able to click on “Manage This Form” to manage an employee’s form. You will see the below image appear. From here, click on the PDF icon to view the form. Once you view the form you will be able to select a new status from the “Change Status” drop down box. You may also optionally enter a note in the text box. Once the form has been approved, you will have a new option appear allowing you to email the form if you prefer. All form history will be documented at the bottom of this specific page.

Other ways to approve forms
Like most systems, Onboarding Central has multiple ways of doing the same task – it is up to you to determine which way is the most appealing to you personally. Another way to approve forms is by clicking on the Unassigned Forms envelope (center of image above) within the division’s home page. By clicking on the envelope, it will take you to a list of employees that have forms needing to be approved.
Click on the employee’s name or folder to manage their forms. On the next screen, you may then click on the employee’s name and approve the specific form; or, you may click on the check box and assign the form to a specific HR Staff member.
When a form has been assigned specifically to you, you will see that form in your Inbox envelope divisional dashboard button. There will also be a star notifying you of how many forms you specifically need to approve. Assigning forms works well if you have multiple people in Human Resources performing different functions. For example, one person handles all of the tax forms and someone else handles all of the payroll forms.

As you maneuver through the system, you will find that there are many more functions that may be performed in a different manner than is specifically outlined in this document. This tip sheet will help you become accustomed to the system and allow you to process employees and forms. With all systems, after using them, you will become more efficient and develop a preference for how you personally prefer to execute your tasks.

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