Create New Template in Add Job Listing Area

Article Appropriate for These User Types: ADMINISTRATOR, POSTING MANAGER
Applicable Dashboard: JOBS

The Create a Job Template in a Job Listing feature in the ATS allows a user, that has access to creating job templates and job listings, the ability to create a new job template during the process of adding a job listing. Without this feature users may only create job listings based on an existing job template. However, when this feature is enabled, a user may create a new job listing from scratch while electing to turn that job listing into a job template for future use.

To use this feature to add a new job listing, click the plus icon in the Job Listings tab of the Jobs Dashboard.

Select -- New Job Template -- from the drop down menu.

A blank Job Listing form will appear on your page. Enter all of the job information and click Save and Push to Job Boards when complete. This will save an active Job Listing and a new Job Template (on the Job Templates tab).

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