Enable Create New Template in Add Job Listing Area

Article Appropriate for These User Types: ADMINISTRATOR, POSTING MANAGER
Applicable HireCentric Dashboard: JOBS

This optional feature in the HireCentric ATS allows a user that has access to creating job templates and job listings the ability to create a new job template during the process of adding a job listing. Normally, users may only create job listings based on an existing job template or a previous job listing; however, when this feature is enabled, one may create a new job listing from scratch while electing to turn that job listing into a job template for future use, as well.

If you'd like to enable this feature, then please contact support@exacthire.com. After we switch it on for you, you'll see a new option in the drop down box when first creating a new job listing:
Once enabled, add a new job listing by clicking on the green plus button in the Job Listings tab of the Jobs dashboard. Then, from the drop-down box (pictured above), select "-- New Job Template --." Once selected, any title you give the job listing on the same screen will automatically save as the title for the new job template.

NOTE: When this option is selected, choosing to make a new job template from the job listing screen will always refresh your screen and cause all fields in the screen to be blank. So, please do not use this option with the intention of completing all the fields on the job listing page before you select "New Job Template." The "New Job Template" item must be selected from the drop-down box before you complete any fields on the Add Job Listing window.

Need Help?
Please contact support@exacthire.com with any questions or to enable this feature in your ATS site.

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