HireCentric into Onboarding Central Integration

Once a new hire has been selected via HireCentric, getting them into the Onboarding Central portal becomes the next big hurdle. Have no fear, below are step by step instructions on how to turn that hurdle into a walk in the park.

1.  Via the Applicants tab within the Applicants dashboard, click on the magnifying glass to enter into the applicant’s record.


2.  Click on the Integrations tab on the applicant’s application and then click Initiate.

3.  Select the appropriate division within Onboarding Central from the drop-down.

4.  Select the appropriate forms from within the division that you would like to send to the new hire and click Send to Onboarding.

5.  To see if the new hire has been sent the Onboarding information, click the Integrations tab. If the button from earlier still exists, the new hire has not yet been sent the Onboarding information. If they have, a note will be listing in the site.

6.  When you log into Onboarding Central to view your new hires within the Current Employees section, the list of those sent Onboarding invitations will be listed among the group.

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