Viewing the Status Report and Source Report Tabs

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HireCentric offers an extensive collection of reports that are available for your use within the Reports dashboard. However, if you are seeking to quickly identify the Source information provided by the applicants of a particular job listing and/or the Status breakdown of the applicants for a particular job listing, here is a quick way to locate that information using the Applicants dashboard. 

First, click on the Applicants dashboard in the top right corner of your HireCentric ATS site.  

Next, find the job listing for which you are seeking Source and/or Status information, and click the magnifying glass to the left of the job listing. You can also use the drop down box, Filter By, in the top right corner to select a different job listing. (See image below.)

To identify the sources designated by the applicants for your chosen job listing, click on the Source Report tab for the selected job listing.  This will break down the sources designated by the applicants for this role as shown in the example below.  If you would like to select a different job listing, use the drop down box, Filter By, to select a different job listing, and then select the Source Report tab.  

If you would like to see a Status Report of the applicants for this job listing, simply click on the tab, Status Report, to see the current status of the applicant group. (See image below.)  If you would like to select a different job listing, use the Filter By drop down field in the top right to select a different job listing.  Once you have selected the job listing you desire, click the Status Report tab.  

One of the perks of HireCentric is that it offers you different ways to find the information you need.  From the Jobs dashboard in the top right corner of your HireCentric ATS site, go to the job listing from which you need data, and click the Details drop down field. The Details field offers you another direct route to view Status Report or Source Report data or for you to select other options.

From this method using the Jobs dashboard, your Source Report will be displayed as shown below:   

For some HireCentric users, the Details drop down field has been replaced in the Job Listings tab, at your company Administrator's request, to display the Job Listing's Job Status field.  (See image below.) Click here to learn more about this option for Administrators.  If you would like this optional feature activated for your HireCentric site, email with your request.

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