Launching a New Reference Check

Launching a new reference check is easy. From the home screen on your RefCentric site, click the tab labeled Add.  From here, you will enter your candidate’s email address and name. Then simply choose the set-up for the appropriate reference package by clicking on the drop-down box.

Once the proper information is entered, click on save. A small pop-up will appear in the bottom, right-hand corner of the screen. If you do not see this pop-up, the email address is already being used for a reference check and must be archived before being used again.   


You can search for active reference packages by pressing the control and F keys. You may find it unnecessary to launch a new reference check. However, if you need to assign a different reference package, or simply want new references, you must archive the active set-up. You can do this by highlighting the candidate and clicking on archive. If the candidate was still in progress, you must first release the report, then archive their record.

Once you have launched a new reference check, click on the reports tab to confirm that your candidate appears. Highlight the candidate and click the button for  VIEW DETAILS, dates will appear to confirm when the invitation was sent, when reminders were sent, when the survey was completed, and if the survey was declined by the respondent.

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