RefCentric: Viewing Reports

There are 3 main sections that are accessible from the Reports Tab: In Progress, Completed, and Archived. You may access these sections by clicking on the icons to the left, or by clicking the appropriately labeled bar.

Reference checks that are In Progress do not have reports available but you can quickly see the status, due date, and type of reference check that is pending for the candidate. Additional information about the respondents can be seen by highlighting a candidate and clicking “view details”.  


The candidate’s name and email can be edited by highlighting the candidate and clicking edit.


At any time, you can highlight a candidate and click on Release Report to send the reference check information to the Completed section and prevent any further feedback from the respondents. From the Completed section, highlight the candidate you want to get reports on and then choose the proper report. You may view any of the reports in a PDF form by clicking the red icon or you may view the results on a webpage by clicking the blue pop-out icon.  

The Abbreviated Report provides condensed overall results, competency bar graphs, and any additional commentary left by the respondents.


The Overview Report omits the competency bar graph but stills provides the overall results and additional commentary from the respondents. (See above images)

The Reference List Report provides the details of each respondent, including their email address, relationship to the candidate, date they completed the survey, and the contact information that was requested at the beginning of the survey.


The full report provides a detailed breakdown of each competency and of each question asked within the survey. Results are presented in the form of a bar graph and distribution chart.  This report also includes any additional commentary provided by the respondents.


From the Completed section of RefCentric, you may 'Unrelease' the candidate to gather additional feedback from respondents, or archive the candidate for safe keeping.  

Once a candidate is archived, their email address can be used to start a new reference check, if needed.  Reports are still accessible once a candidate has been archived, the default view will show the past 30 days of archived reports. Click on the 90 or 180 buttons to easily extend the time frame. After 180 days, the candidates are still accessible but you must search by name to find reports that were archived over 180 days ago.


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