HTML Hyperlinks and Job Listings

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You can add a hyperlink to your job listing to provide additional information to your potential applicants that might be more inquisitive about the position or your company. 

In order to embed a hyperlink into your job description, first determine if you are wanting to provide a link to a webpage or a link to a document or image. 

Inserting a hyperlink for a webpage is fairly simply; just use the HTML coding shown below. 


If you prefer to embed a hyperlink for a document or image, you must first 'host' your image. Please refer to this blog about various image hosting sites if you don't already have an established method to create a URL for your image. 

Once you have a URL for your image, you still use the formula above. 

In order to get the hyperlink into your job listing, you must click on the HTML button within the Job Listing before you enter the HTML code, or it will not provide the hyperlink properly. 


After clicking the HTML button, a pop-up window will appear and allow you to enter the HTML code you created. 

Image URLs can also be embedded into the job description, learn more here

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