OnboardCentric: Adding a New Hire

Article Appropriate for These User Types: ADMIN
Applicable OnboardCentric Dashboard: USERS

OnboardCentric makes adding a new user to the system quick and simple by clicking the Work With menu icon and selecting the Users Dashboard. 
OnboardCentric will then display the Standard Tab where the new employee's basic information is entered. You may save each section as you go, or wait until you have completed each tab. If you are adding an existing employee, make sure to check the box for 'This is an existing employee.'  This will allow you to enter a new user, without having any of the typical new hire onboarding tasks assigned to that person.  You may save each section as you go, or wait until you have completed all tabs.

The FlexFields Tab will display your company's customized choices to fit what drives your hiring needs. This can be location, employment status, division, or any other component that organizes your staff. It is imperative to select the proper options from the drop-downs in order to assign the proper forms to your employee. 

The next section is the Views Tab where you will grant the user viewing rights to different business units within the company. This area is especially significant if you wish to allow specific managers or HR staff members the ability to view employee onboarding progress for certain divisions/departments within the organization. 

The Admin Tab allows one to designate whether the user will have Administrative and/or Support-level access to OnboardCentric.

The final section is the Roles Tab, where specific pre-defined roles may be designated for this new user.  It is typically only necessary to designate roles for a new user if they will have the ability to complete follow-up tasks for future new hires.  Common examples include the role of "Countersigner" (someone who needs to countersign documents) or "I9 Approver" (someone who verifies I9 documentation for new hires).  Users may be assigned more than one role. 

You have now created a new user in OnboardCentric and your employee will receive an email invitation to the system. 

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