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Using OnboardCentric will help you streamline your onboarding process.  This tip sheet provides you with key information regarding the objectives of OnboardCentric along with descriptions of what the icons and other menu items represent along with their functionality.

What is the onboarding platform used for?
The onboarding platform is used to automate the various forms, documents and tasks needed by your employer. Whenever possible, this tool will help you avoid repeating information across multiple items and is designed to eliminate common errors and/or omissions of information.

What does the pie chart represent on my Home page?
The pie chart is a visual representation of the various outstanding items needed by your employer as part of your initial onboarding process. You may click on any pie "piece" to see a list of the items that are "OK", "Need Attention", or "Overdue".

What is the list of items under the pie chart on my Home page? What is it for?
This list contains the same items found in the pie chart located just above it. This list view allows you to sort your various items to be completed alphabetically, by status, by type of item, or by due date.

Why are some items shaded with different colors (i.e., green, yellow or red)?
These colors represent items outstanding by how close they are to their due date, as set by your employer. Green items are labeled "OK", as they aren't yet near their due date. Yellow items are labeled "Need Attention", as they are nearing their due date. Red items are labeled "Overdue", as they are past their due date and should be completed right away.

Do I have to complete all of these items right away?
In most cases, the answer is no. You may sort your items by due date to see how long you have to complete them. You may come in and out of the platform as often as you'd like completing items at the pace that works for you.

How will I know when things are due?
Once you have one or more items that are in the "Need Attention" or "Overdue" status, the platform will send automated email reminders (typically daily) until they have been completed.

How do I get help if I need it in completing any of my forms or tasks?
By clicking the "Help" icon near the top right of your screen and then selecting the "Submit Request" link from the drop-down, you will be able to request help by one of your employer's system administrators. The administrator will then be able to reply to your request directly within the platform, allowing you to see their reply on your home screen in the "Messages" area.

What is the area titled "Overview for (your name)" used for?
This area contains your Hire Date and Start Date for your information. Likewise, it will list any items that you've completed over the last 2 days. After 2 days, those items will be removed from this area and will be available for future reference by clicking the "My Account" icon near the top right side of your page and then selecting the "Task Archive" link from the drop-down options.

Do I need to print out my completed items and physically sign them?
No. While you're welcome to do this anytime, the fact that all forms and documents are signed via electronic signature makes this unnecessary. A proper electronic signature, such as the one found in this platform, is as valid as a physical signature.

Will I be able to come back into this site and get copies of completed items later?
Yes. You may access any completed items by clicking the "My Account" icon near the top right side of your page and then selecting the "Task Archive" link from the drop-down options.

What if I put in my wrong address or other information? Where can I go to change that?
You may access your core demographic information anytime by clicking the "My Account" icon near the top right side of your page and then selecting the "Edit" link from the drop-down options. This will allow you to see your current information, as well as make any changes for future completion of items in the platform.

Still Need Help?
Please contact us at support@exacthire.com with any questions.

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