Reading Candidate Survey Results

To read a candidate’s reference report, you must move the candidate from ‘In Progress’ to ‘Complete’. This is done by highlighting the name of the candidate and clicking RELEASE REPORT.  You can move a candidate even if the required number of respondents have not yet replied; but ideally, you will have enough feedback to create a quality reference report before releasing the candidate’s survey from accepting respondent feedback.
progress to complete
Once the candidate appears in the ‘complete’ section, you can highlight their name and the various reporting options will appear to the right.
There are three report variations, a full report, a reference list, and an overview report. Each report is available in a PDF or a pop-out browser window.
Report Types
  • The Full Report is a comprehensive view of all the survey components – The results are provided in 2 ways, a bar graph and a distribution graph. The bar graph portion of the report includes the average score for the competencies as a whole, then there is a breakdown of the specific questions asked within each competency. The distribution charts are presented with overall results for the competencies and also show a break-down of the results for each specific question. The comments provided by the respondents are also listed at the end of the report. If the candidate was given a self-survey, those results would also appear in this report. 
  • The Reference List Report provides the basic information for each of the references: reference name, relationship to the candidate, email address, and the date the survey was completed.
  • The Overview Report provides a summation of the survey scores and a collective representation of the various answers that were provided, along with the comments entered into the open formatted questions.
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