Transferring a New Hire from HireCentric to OnboardCentric

Article Appropriate for These User Types: HireCentric MANAGERS and ADMINISTRATORS & OnboardCentric MANAGERS and ADMINISTRATORS

Applicable OnboardCentric Dashboard: USERS

After using HireCentric to screen candidates and make a selection for your new employee, you can easily transfer some basic information over to OnboardCentric. This integration is fast and easy for any of your manager level (or above) HireCentric users to complete. 

On the applicant record, the HireCentric user will click the 'Integrations' Tab. By choosing the OnboardCentric integration and clicking the 'Start' button the user can easily assign the new hire to the proper OnboardCentric user. 


The OnboardCentric user assigned to the new hire will then get a task assigned to them in OnboardCentric to complete the new hire set-up. 

The manager must complete flexfields, views, admin, and roles as needed to the new hire's record in OnboardCentric. Once the manager completes the OnboardCentric set-up for the new hire, the new employee will get the invitation to complete the Onboarding paperwork. 

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