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While there are plenty of helpful reports in the Standard Reports tab of the Reports dashboard, sometimes you have a report need that may not be exactly met by an existing report. Worry not! HireCentric's ad hoc custom report building tool, the Report Builder, can be a resource for you to build and save your own applicant-centric reports that may be run anytime you like in the future. Choose to include virtually any fields from your employment application, as well as fields from job listings and HR Data Surveys as they pertain to applicants. The Report Builder allows you to display individual applicant information for each column header that you select. Let's walk through the steps to create a new report.

Navigate to the "Report Builder" tab within the Reports dashboard. If previous reports have been saved, they will be listed in this area. If this is your first time creating a report in this tab, then the screen will be blank. To create a new report, click the green plus icon.
Next, give your report a name and description. Then, in the "Report Type" drop-down box, choose either "Applicants by Job Listing" or "New Hires by Job Listing." If the first option is selected, then the dates used to filter your report results will be based on application date. If the second option is selected, then the filtering dates will be based on hire date.
Once you select a report type, the window will enlarge and you may begin selecting fields to represent the columns in your report. Just click the name of your desired field in the column on the left and then it will appear in the column on the right. Change the order of the fields on the right by clicking the up and down arrows in the field.
NOTE: If you click "Next," you will NOT have the opportunity to come back and add/remove/reorder fields. Please only click the "Next" button once you are ready to move on to the next step.
Once you have clicked the "Next" button, you'll have the opportunity to rename the column headers in your report. The fields will all default to display the name of the field on your employment application; however, you may overwrite these fields and type in your desired column header. Once you are satisfied with the labels, click the "Save" button.
A confirmation message will appear. Click "OK."
You will then be directed back to the main Report Builder tab. You may select your new report from the list and open it by clicking the "view" link. Then, select filtering criteria appropriate for the results you seek:
  • Date Range - If using an "Applicants by Job Listing" report type, then results will include all applications submitted within these dates. If using a "New Hires by Job Listing report, then results will include applications for all candidates that were marked as hired (using a "hired" status code) in between these dates.
  • Active - Choose to display either all active applications, all archived applications; or, both active and archived applications.
  • Met BQ - Screening Questions - Choose to display either applications that met basic qualifications based on screening question filters, applications that were marked disqualified based on screening question answers; or, both types of applications.
  • Screening Score - Choose to display either applications that were above or below a specific screening score of your choice based on applicant answers to screening questions with filters enabled. Note: Regardless of whether "above" or "below" is selected, results will include the score specified. For example, if viewing applicants with a score above 30, then results will include any applicants who scored exactly 30. Conversely, if a score of below 30 is selected, applicants scoring exactly 30 will be included in those results, too.
  • Is Flagged? - Survey Questions - Choose to display either applications that were marked qualified based on survey responses (for example, HR Data Surveys or Reference Check Surveys), applications that were marked disqualified based on survey responses; or, both types of applications.
  • Survey Score - Choose to display either applications that were above or below a specific survey score of your choice based on responses to surveys with filters enabled. Note: Even if your portal does not elect to take advantage of scoring/flagging options on surveys, these filtering drop-down boxes will still appear in reports.

You may either display results on-screen within the report; or, export your results to a CSV file and then open it in a spreadsheet program such as Excel.
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