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One of the many perks of the ATS is that it offers you a variety of easy to access reports, all of which are within a quick click.  The Incomplete Applications report provides details of individuals who have partially completed an application for an active job listing and have not successfully submitted the application. To run an Incomplete Applications report, go to the Reports dashboard.  Find the Incomplete Applications report, and click "View".

The report will allow you to filter your results by selecting the job listing(s) you desire.  (To select multiple job listings from the Job List box, click the job(s) you want while holding Ctrl + C on your keyboard.)  You can also expand or narrow your results by changing the Date Range shown onscreen.  The Application Status drop down box will allow you to select "Incomplete", "Complete", or "Both" types of applications; however, if you are seeking information regarding who has not yet submitted applications, then you would want to leave this field with "Incomplete".  When you use any of these filters, you will need to click "Filter" to update your results.  

This report also can be exported as a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file that you can use in Excel or related spreadsheet software.  (See yellow highlighted icon.)

This report will display the following pieces of information:
  • Applicant First Name
  • Applicant Last Name
  • Applicant Email
  • Date Started Application
  • Job Applied For
  • Source
  • Source Other

Highlighted in pink in the image above, this field allows you to send an email reminder to selected individual(s) to remind them that they have not yet submitted their application for the position in which they have started to apply.  To send an email reminder to an individual(s), select the individual(s) in which you want to email by clicking the check box by the name(s) of the individual(s).  Once you have selected the individual(s) you want to remind to complete the application, use the drop down box, "Select A Template" to select the email template you want to send to the chosen individual(s).  Once you have selected the template that you want to send, a new window will be displayed where you can review and customize, if necessary, the template before it is sent.  When you are ready to send the email, click the "Send Email" button (highlighted in yellow) shown on the image below.  

Once you have clicked "Send Email", you will receive a confirmation message displayed onscreen.

There is also an optional feature to automatically email a reminder to applicants who have incomplete applications.  If you would like that feature enabled, or if you have any questions please email us at


Using Email Templates in  ATS
Email Applicants About Incomplete Applications

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